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Six Stages of New Product Development



Product dimensions or product sample sent to KE.


Develop 3D CAD prototype drawing for client review and approval.


Produce product sample for client approval. Provide product options and estimate.


Conduct load, movement, and stability tests.


Product is submitted for client final approval.


Mass production begins and product is shipped to local warehouses.

KE Group Americas supplies custom designed steel copier cabinets guaranteed to meet the requirements of your customers.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best quality products and personalized service.



KE Group has more than 40 years’ experience in designing photocopier stand solutions and our design team works closely with our clients to ensure their needs are met, often to comply with tight launch deadlines. We continually invest in the most modern-design technology to provide optimum efficiency and total customer solutions.

KE offers our customers the most efficient and effective route to cabinet production. Our design, development and production teams work from initial concept through to prototype and finally to finished product, completing full product performance testing in order to ensure total quality and customer satisfaction.

3D modeling technology allows us to supply our client’s needs accurately, quickly and efficiently.

Our project management solution approach, from design concept through to competitively priced, quality-assured products, gives our customers distinct advantages in the market place.

Standard Options:

Doors: A wide variety of door designs are available.  When sufficient product volumes are available, KE can provide cost savings to the client by producing high quality plastic doors.

Locating pins and brackets: KE provides a positive location for the machine on the cabinet using steel pins that attach using threaded inserts. Custom brackets are available to enable machine and peripheral accessory attachments (such as collators) to attach to the cabinet.

Stability Equipment: KE engineers, in conjunction with our clients, ascertains the requirement and design of stability feet. Plastic or metal feet of varying designs can be offered to suit different aesthetics and performance criteria. KE offers fast fit, clip-in stability feet with no screws required. Adjustable leveling feet are also available, if required.

Casters: Standard KE casters are rated between 60-80 kg load bearing capacity (LBC) each, depending on performance requirements.

  • Caster body available as field replacement part
  • Twin locking casters as standard on KE products to prevent accidental movement of cabinet
  • KE cabinets only use high strength, virgin nylon casters
  • Strong caster peg plates are riveted to a steel base

Weather robust castors are also available (80kg LBC) to prevent failures in very cold climates (down to -15 degrees C)

Hinges: KE offer a range of different hinge arrangements to suit customer needs.