KE flexible, automated facilities ensure high quality and quick delivery

The main stages for the production of sheet steel components are stamping, punching, forming, MIG & TIG or spot welding, a five stage iron phosphate pre-treatment process followed by fully automated electrostatic powder painting.

Significant investment has been made in metal stamping, folding and plastic mold tooling to ensure all products meet and maintain our client’s high quality standards at a competitive price in a global market.

Powder Coating:

Our factories are equipped with fully automated, 5 stage, Iron phosphate pretreatment, fully automated reciprocators, on line booth, including powder recovery sieve and recycle facility, 338 feet conveyor tracks with curing oven on line. Auto electrostatic powder coating, paint thickness between 60 – 90 microns as specified. Offline booth available for smaller quantities and prototypes. KE color matching standard +/- 0.5 delta e (LAB scale).


Our Automatic assembly lines incorporate:

Full electro mechanical and pneumatic assembly

Threaded insert and riveting for pre or post-powder coating operations

Roller conveyor packing line.

Facilities to palletize and stretch wrap larger quantities of products.



Depending on the volume and expected product life, KE produces sheet metal products by NCT Production or Power Press Stamping using hard tooling. We can design and manufacture our own or utilize client tooling. KE can work with cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper with thicknesses ranging from 0.2mm to 6.0mm.


For high volume products KE offers Plastic Injection Molded components to reduce product costs, and we design tooling in-house with our manufacturing partners.

Typical product volumes in excess of 6000 units per year are sought to recover initial tooling costs.

Vacuum forming is used for medium-product volumes, with lower-cost tooling.  Products are non-rigid and so we incorporate metal for strength where required.



KE Group regards quality as paramount in all that we do. Quality assurance and traceability are intrinsic to the way we work – ‘right first time – every time’.

The KE Group has been registered to ISO 9001 since August 1993.  We currently are ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 registered through the British Assessment Bureau.  ISO 9001:2015 certificate number 213584.  ISO 14001:2015 certificate number 190471..

KE Group has made considerable investment in a new, integrated manufacturing system. All members of the KE Group have the collective responsibility to satisfy our high standards. Attention to detail, careful planning and use of the state of the art technology and systems ensure successful project management. New product designs, including packaging, are developed and tested to ensure client satisfaction and confidence. Products are designed and manufactured from high quality materials, to strict supply specifications.  Where applicable, we comply with all International regulatory standards (e.g., UL, NSF, CE,CB, RoHS, REACH, EMC & RF approvals.)  Agreements with recognized test agencies means that type test requirements can be carried out to prove products are designed and meet regulatory, safety and customer-required standards. The manufacturing and inspection controls throughout the manufacturing process ensure reliability, repeat-ability and interchangeability of product and components.


Load testing, dynamic, stability and tilt testing available on-site. Full electro-mechanical testing facilities are available at our factories to ensure compliance to electrical standards. Final inspection packing and dispatch are coordinated on-site, so our customers are assured products will arrive at final destination in prime condition.


KE is aware of our responsibility to the environment and climate. From recycling materials to reduction in energy usage, there are always new initiatives being pursued within our organization. All KE cabinets and packaging are 100% recyclable. The company promotes environmental awareness in all areas of the business. Recent Investments include:

  • Energy saving factory lighting
  • Electrically driven press brakes
  • Reclaim powder process
  • Recycled cardboard
  • Recycled paper
  • Recycled metal
  • Returnable / re-usable packaging
  • ISO14001 Approved Manufacturing


Our logistics department configures custom-tailored solutions to minimize transport costs, including the use of high-cube containers. We can handle your delivery via road, rail, sea or air anywhere in the world. KE offers:

  • Shipments from local warehouses
  • Custom-sized pallets to ensure minimum use of warehouse space / maximum units per truck
  • Each product marked with batch number to ensure traceability
  • Proven capability in local and worldwide logistics with strong partnerships with 3PL providers
  • We move over 400 TEU per year
  • Specific time slots and daily deliveries are available

KE Packing:

Complete packaging solutions are available from purpose-built cartons and fittings to inexpensive wrapping options to suit customer needs.

When required, the suitability of packaging is subject to product carton drop tests to PIRA ASTM Standard D5276, to ensure contents remain undamaged during transit. KE uses only high-quality materials & optimized packing design.  Carton markings and labels are designed to individual OEM requirements including bar code labeling.

Boxes are stacked to an agreed-upon height. The stack is cling wrapped to form a rigid load for safe onward shipping.